Located in the heart of Atlanta,
we offer the most authentic and elegant
dining experience.
Our Expertise

We have been working in the food industry for twenty years. This includes serving food and preparing food. Therefore making us confident that we can provide you with top-quality dining experience.


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 Lunch Buffet 
 Weekdays-11am to 3pm
 Weekend-12pm to 3pm 

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: 11 a.m – 3:30p.m 5p.m -10p.m
  Sat: 12 noon -- 3:30 p.m 5p.m -10p.m

Sun: 12 noon- 3:30p.m 5p.m -9p.m

420 14th St Nw Suite 100A Atl GA 30318

Phone #: 404-500-5623

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